Rely on the data. Ransomware analytics enable a better recovery.

Coveware analytics are derived from real-time ransomware cases and cross-referenced client demographics. What emerges is a concise view of threats, relevant to your unique situation.

If you need immediate help with a specific ransomware strain, or are curious about the threat landscape of your industry, then let us know.



 Strain Specific Payment Costs

  • How much is the average ransom amount associated with the strain?

  • How successful are negotiations?

  • Are victims ever re-extorted after payment?

Average Ransom Amount

Average ransomware amount (USD) across all ransomware strains.

Ransomware Recovery Time

Days to recover from a ransomware infection.

Strain Specific Recovery Times & Rates

  • How many hours/days can until data is decrypted?

  • How long do negotiations typically take?

  • Once I receive a decryptor, how long will the decryption take?


Decryption Success Rates

  • Will I receive a decryption key if I pay a ransom?

  • What percentage of my files can I expect to recover?

  • What types of files won’t be successfully decrypted?

Case Outcomes