Ransomware Payments.

If you have to pay, then do it responsibly.

Paying a ransom to recover encrypted data is the option of last resort. We recognize that if the future of your business is on the line, then it is a route that should be navigated responsibly.

Coveware’s ransomware data recovery services provide a responsible and productive way to minimize your downtime and maximize your data recovery rates.

If you have to pay a ransom to recover your encrypted business data, then do it responsibly.



Immediate Access & High Volume

  • 24/7 support service is always available

  • No minimum or maximum amounts

  • 100% transparency on reimbursed costs of data recovery


Low Overhead & Fixed Rates

  • Low overhead means no hidden or unexpected fees

  • Our fixed rates are easy to account for

  • Remove the risk and guess work of handling cryptocurrency


Analytics that combat ransomware

  • Benefit from our database of ransomware payment statistics.

  • Contribute to our database and help combat ransomware.

  • Aggregating ransomware payments and case data ensures future victims will benefit and industry costs are measured.

Analytics Combat Ransomware