Ransomware payments. If you have to pay, then do it responsibly.

Paying a ransom to recover encrypted business data is one of the last things anyone wants to do. But, if your business is on the line and paying the ransom is the difference between bankruptcy and recovery, then be sure you do it responsibly.

Coveware’s ransomware payment services provide a responsible and productive way to minimize your downtime and maximize your data recovery rates. The data generated from your case helps combat ransomware.

If you have to pay a ransom to recover your encrypted business data, then do it responsibly.



Immediate Access & High Volume

  • 24/7 payment service is always available

  • No minimum or maximum payment amount

  • 100% payment success rate


Low Overhead & Fixed Rates

  • Low overhead means no hidden or unexpected fees

  • Our fixed rates are easy to account for

  • Remove the risk and guess work of cryptocurrency payments


Analytics that combat ransomware

  • Benefit from our database of ransomware payment statistics.

  • Contribute to our database and help combat ransomware.

  • Aggregating ransomware payments and case data ensures future victims will benefit and industry costs are measured.

Analytics Combat Ransomware