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Coveware’s mission is to bring data, transparency and structure to the cyber vulnerabilities market. Cyber vulnerabilities are generally expressed through interactions between companies seeking to protect their network/data, and the parties that discover cyber vulnerabilities.  Some interactions are constructive. For example, when a security researcher notifies a software company about a newly discovered zero-day vulnerability. Other interactions are criminal, such as when a black-hat hacker breaches a company network and uses ransomware to encrypt data and extort the company for money. Cyber vulnerability interactions are varied and nuanced, and we believe that collecting data from these interactions is an important step towards understanding them and developing solutions that reduce associated risk and complexity.

Accordingly, Coveware’s ransomware incident response platform plays a critical and central role in all types and sizes of ransomware infections. Coveware’s proprietary data helps ensure successful extortion negotiations on behalf of victim companies. We also assist victim companies in facilitating cryptocurrency ransom payments that procure decryption tools and, finally, assist victim companies through the decryption process in order to help maximize data decryption rates.

The data exhaust of these services is used for 3 principal activities:

  1. To build analytic reports and tools that allow clients to better navigate future incidents

  2. To publish new research about threat actor groups and the security vulnerabilities used on their targets

  3. To assist law enforcement investigations of these crimes

Coveware also believes that the consumer and SMB market is particularly underserved as it relates to ransomware incident response. Fear, opacity, and a general lack of understanding have allowed predatory service providers to take advantage of ransomware victims. We believe data recovery firms that obfuscate their methods are dishonest and that victims deserve an experience predicated on honesty, transparency and fair dealing.

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Industry Alliances

No More Ransom

Coveware is Proud to be A partner with NOMORERANSOM.ORG To minimize the Threat of Ransomware.

Blockchain Alliance

COveware is proud to partner with the BlockChain alliance in its effort to COMBAT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ON THE BLOCKCHAIN


Bill Siegel

Bill Siegel

Alex Holdtman

Alex Holdtman


Coveware was woven together with meticulous care by alumni of Datto, SecurityScorecard, SecondMarket, and other category creating companies.  

We blend financial and technological innovation into products our customers trust.

Coveware is based out of Norwalk, Connecticut.



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