Forrestor Recognizes Coveware’s Ransomware Response Expertise


Retained Incident Response

Coveware Incident Response Retainer includes a spectrum of covered events and availability SLA’s including response times and cryptocurrency availability.

Including Coveware in your incident response plan gives your organization a partner that can be trusted to answer the call of duty when ransomware or other types of cyber extortion happen.

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Ransomware & Cyber Extortion Incident Response

Response Time

Cyber criminals time their attacks to strike when you are most vulnerable. We ONLY offer 24/7/365 response times as nothing else would be sufficient. Trust that our incident response team will answer your call regardless of the hour.


Triage and Assessment

Our database of ransomware cases is unparalleled and is at the heart of our business. When you call, you can expect real time analysis and assessment so that a strategy can be set and implemented without delay.

Cyber Extortion Negotiations

Our team of trained experts handle dozens of cases a day. We have developed deep competency in the TTPs that work when negotiating on your behalf. Leverage our experience and focus on other aspects of your recovery while our team handles communications with the threat actor.

Cryptocurrency Ransom Payment

Our retained service offering provides procurement and disbursement of cryptocurrency as part of the service so that your enterprise does not have to account for buying or holding cryptocurrency. Avoid the operational burden of accounting and handling cryptocurrency by leaving the entire ordeal to us.

Retained Incident Response Service Packages

Option 1: Response SLA / Retainer

  • Guaranteed Response time SLA

  • Written terms & conditions for Coveware Incident Response services

  • Defined per case costs and minimum per year commitment

  • Augment response times with cryptocurrency availability guarantees

  • Coveware IR run book provided to augment your IR plan

  • Access to alerting and research from Coveware

Option 2: No SLA / Free

  • No guaranteed service level agreement (SLA)

  • No annual cost

  • Defined per case costs

  • Support provided on a best efforts basis

  • Access to alerting and research from Coveware