Coveware Joins ‘No More Ransom’ Partner Organization

We are excited to announce that Coveware was accepted as a  No More Ransom organization supporting partner.  Since our founding, we have stayed true to our mission to bring transparency and data to the ransomware recovery industry and we are excited to contribute to the international community via our new partnership.

How ‘No More Ransom’ Helps Victims of Ransomware

The No More Ransom Organization online portal was launched in July 2016, and now supports 35 different languages and carries 59 free decryption tools, covering some 91 ransomware families. While 2018 has lacked high-profile international incidents like Wannacry or NotPetya, the rise of GandCrab, Dharma and SamSam ransomware variants shows that the threat of ransomware continues to grow. The numbers involved remain disquieting – the file-locking GandCrab malware is believed to have infected over half a million victims since it was first detected in January of this year.

Partners of No More Ransom Include Global Network of Cyber Security and Law Enforcement Organizations

Coveware is excited to be joining the existing 129 partners of No More Ransom, along with the additional members announced today, which include Bleeping Computer, Cisco, ESET, Microsoft, Symantec, and Northwind Data Recovery.  The organization also announced that the national law enforcement agencies of Cyprus, Estonia, Scotland and Sweden also joined over the past year, bringing the number of involved law enforcement agencies to 41.

The free decryption tools provided by No More Ransom have assisted over 72,000 victims worldwide, and Coveware is excited to contribute to increasing that number! You can learn more about the No More Ransom organization here.

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