Global Ransomware Marketplace Report - Q3 2018

Today we released our first quarterly Global Ransomware Marketplace Report. This report aggregates anonymized ransomware data collected from actual cyber extortion cases handled and resolved by the Coveware cyber incident response support team.  One of the problems with ransomware is the lack of standardized data from actual incidents that involve the payment of a ransom to the hacker. Unlike surveys, which rely on sentiment, this report is created solely from a standardized set of data collected from every case that our company handles.

By aggregating data, and broadcasting our findings, Coveware believes enterprises large and small can better protect themselves from the persistent and ever evolving ransomware threat.  

We believe better data along with transparency and collaboration can begin to turn the tide against this persistent threat. Until we gain a better understanding on how the ransomware marketplace works, it will continue to tax the aggregate productivity of our internet connected world.  

We hope you enjoy this report and future ones. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at